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Are you thinking of having a loft conversion?

If you're contemplating a loft conversion, let us help you explore your options and find the best solution for your home.

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You've come to the right place if you're seeking experienced and skilled loft conversion builders. The highly proficient builders at Cambridge Loft Conversions can expertly transform your loft into a home office, gym, or extra guest room.

Every attic - loft space is unique, so each loft extension/conversion is customised around the loft space

When designing and creating a new loft space in any property, you need to consider the age of the house, its shape, materials used, current roof structure, and any other external factors that may affect your plans. Handling such complex projects requires attention to detail and sufficient experience in building construction and architecture. That's why looking for trustworthy, reliable loft conversion companies with good track records who can provide support before, during, and after completing your loft conversion project is essential.

Feasibility Study

Here is a general overview of the procedures involved in a loft conversion


Assess the suitability of your loft space. Considering factors such as head height, roof pitch, and available area. Checking local building regulations and planning permissions. Some loft conversions may be classified as permitted development by local planning authorities, while others may require planning permission.

Design and Planning

Hire an architect to create detailed plans for your loft conversion. Obtaining the necessary permissions from your local planning authority if required. Ensure compliance with building regulations, especially regarding fire safety, insulation, and structural stability.


Establish the budget for the entire project, including design, construction, and possible unforeseen expenses.

Structural Considerations

Assess the structural integrity of the existing roof and make any necessary reinforcements.

Plan for stairs

You'll need to sacrifice some space on the lower floor to add a staircase to gain access to the loft conversion.

Utilities and Services

Consider the placement of plumbing, heating, and electrical services. Ensure that the existing systems can support the additional load.


Installing the correct insulation to meet building regulations and ensure energy efficiency.

Windows and Lighting

Incorporate windows for natural light and ventilation. Roof windows or dormer windows are common choices. Plan artificial lighting to ensure the space is well-lit.

Fire Safety

Install fire-resistant doors and consider escape routes in case of an emergency.


It is essential to adhere to the approved plans and to monitor the construction process regularly.

Finishing Touches

Install flooring, wall finishes, and any additional fixtures or fittings. Paint and decorate the space according to your preferences.

Building Control Inspection

Arrange for building control inspections at key stages of the project to ensure compliance with regulations.

Completion and Certification

Once construction is complete, obtain a completion certificate from the local building control authority.


Address any remaining issues or "snags" to ensure the loft conversion is finished to a high standard.

Whats Next?

Contact or call us for a free consultation of your loft. After our visit you will have a much better understanding of your costs. Also, knowing that you have chosen the right loft conversion company for your loft conversion will give you peace of mind. Any second thoughts just remember, converting your loft into a usable living space is a cost-effective way to add value to a home and increase the properties value.

With 22 years of experience Cambridge Loft Conversions might be the right choice for you creating more living space. Lets transform your underutilised loft, space into a stylish living area, adding a unique touch to your home giving you that extra room/ office space.

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More Space

If you're looking for more space, a loft conversion might be the perfect solution. A loft conversion is a great way to add an extra room or two to your home without taking up much space. It involves converting unused attic or roof space into livable and usable rooms, allowing you to reap the benefits of more space without sacrificing valuable outdoor area.

Loft Conversion Cost

If you're looking for an cost effective way to add some extra space in your home. A loft extension can be used to create an extra bedroom, home office, playroom, or even a rental unit. Moreover, most loft conversions don't require any major changes or alterations due to their structure already being well-suited for remodeling purposes. Read more...

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